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The Journal «Bulletin of Karaganda State University»series «History.Philosophy»is a scientific publication registered in the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Kazakhstan number 13105-Zhof 23.10.2012, at a state registration of record (certificate number). Subscription index 74621
«History.Philosophy» series has been published since 2004. Since2010 “History.Philosophy” series has become a separate edition of the Bulletin of Buketov Karaganda State University

The editorial policy of «History.Philosophy» seriesis defined by the key trends in the development of science in the twenty-first century. The processes taking place in the modern world define the main priorities of scientific production. «History.Philosophy»series is focused on presenting themain achievements of Kazakhstani and foreign scientists in the socio-humanitarian sphere. The relevance of articles published is confirmed by the fact that the”History.Philosophy” seriesis also a platform for dialogue on major issues of modern society in developing of spiritual, cultural, historical, philosophical, religious, sociological, politological, educational, psychological research trajectories.”History.Philosophy” series provides the opportunity to publish not only to therespectable, famous scientists,but also to young researchers who continue the tradition of academic science or create their own original ideas about the ways and forms of cognitive heuristics. The publication is aimed at the professional audience, as well as a wide range of readers interested in the problems of world outlook issues and relevant socio-humanitarian situation.

Thematic directionof “History.Philosophy” seriesis connected with the main research priorities of the socio-humanitarian scientific area. “History.Philosophy”series claims the following epistemological areasas priority research directions:

  1. Eurasianism: cultural, spiritual, historical, philosophical, psychological, educational patternof the phenomenon;
  2. Kazakhstani identity: theory and practice of research
  3. Globalization as the factor of determining the diversity of the world
  4. Social sciences and humanities of Kazakhstan in the space of world science: history,contemporaneity, prospects
  5. Psychological, educational, religious images of the modernity

Categories of the “History.Philosophy” series:

  1. History
  2. Philosophy
  3. Urgent issues of Psychology
  4. Tribune of Young Scientists
  5. Scientific Chronicle

The editorial board of the “History.Philosophy” series was formed from
a number of  well-known domestic and foreign scholarswhose research interests coincide with the research priorities of the series.
1. Editoroftheseries – Karipbaev, BayzholIskakovich, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of Philosophy and Psychology
2. Executive secretary –Stambulov, SerikBerdibaevich, PhD, senior lecturer of the chair of World Historyand International Relations
Members of the editorial board:
1.  Kolumbaev, BisembayErgaleevich – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professorof the chair of Philosophy and Theory of culture at Buketov Karaganda State University
2.  Zhumashev, RymbekMuratovich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, first vice-rector of Buketov Karaganda State University
3.  Kozina, ValeriyaViktorovna– DoctorofHistoricalSciences, professorof the chair of History of Kazakhstan ofBuketov Karaganda State University
4.  Baturin, VladimirStepanovich – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professorof the chair of Philosophy and Theory of culture ofBuketov Karaganda State University
5.  Saktaganova, ZaureshGalymzhanovna – Doctor of Historical Sciences, professorof the chair of Archeology, Ethnology ofBuketov Karaganda State University
6.  Syzdykova, ZhibekSaparbekovna – Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, deputy director of the Institute of Asia and Africa, LomonosovMoscow State University (Russia)
7.  Amirova, BibisaraAubakirovna– Doctor of PsychologicalSciences, professorof the chair Psychology of Buketov Karaganda State University
8.  Dzhumageldinov, AskarNurkenovich – PhD, lectureratUniversity of Lyons (France)
9. Razumov, VladimirIlyich – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, head of chair of Philosophy ofDostoevsky Omsk State University (Russia)
10.Golovin, NikolaiAlexandrovich – Doctor of Social Sciences, professorof the chair of Theory and History of Sociology of St.Petersburg State University (Russia)
11.Ziyazetdinova, RafisMingalievich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of IT and management ofBashkir State Agrarian University (Russia)
12.Kylyshbaeva, BibigulNauryzbaevna – Doctor of Social Sciences, professorof the chair ofsociology and social work of  Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
13.Zholdubaeva, AzharKuanyshbekovna – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professorof the chair ofCulture studies at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
14.Ziatdinova, Farida Nurlyevna – Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, professorof the chair ofSocial Sciences and Humanities ofBashkir State Agrarian University (Russia)
15.Muhtarova, Shakira Mukashevna – Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, professorof the chair ofSocial work of Buketov Karaganda State University
16.Jereghi Christian – Doctor of Law, Director of the centre of conflictologyof Babes-BolUniversity (Romania)
17.Agadzhanyan, Viktor Sergeevich – Doctor of Sociology, professor of the University of Kansas (USA)
18.Shukurov, RustamMuhamedovich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the chair of Medieval HistoryofLomonosovMoscow State University (Russia)
19.Ryzhenko, Valentina Georgievna – Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of the chair of modern history of  Dostoevsky Omsk State University (Russia)
20.Aldazhumanov, KaidarSeisembaevich – Candidate of Historical Sciences, senior researcherofValihanov Institute of History and Ethnology (Kazakhstan)
21.Smagulova, Gulnara Muratbekovna – Candidate of Historical Sciences, dean of  History Faculty  of Buketov Karaganda State University
Publishing ethics and criteria for authors
Editors of “History.Philosophy”series rely onthe following ethical principlesin forming the issues:

  1. Scientific objectivity and independence in the matter of reception of scientific articles, analytical reports and reviews. Receiving the scientific articlesis carried out on the basis of examination, analysis of relevance, theoretical and practical significance and correspondence to thematic priorities of the series.
  2. The grounds of refusal to accept the materials areplagiarism and non-recognition of sources. We do not accept material that is defamatory or contains offensive attacks on colleagues and violations of copyright.
  3. All materials are accepted for publication only on the basis of a joint decision of the editorial board members.
  4. Members of the editorial board are equally involved in the formation of contents of “History.Philosophy” series of the Bulletin of Buketov Karaganda State University

Frequency of”History.Philosophy”series is onceper quarter. Please inform your employees and all interested parties. Articles and accompanying documents are received bythe address: 100028, Karaganda, Universitetskayast. 28, editors office of “Bulletin of Buketov Karaganda State University” (Room225), phone (8 7212) 77-03-69 (ext. 1026.), e-mail: vestnick_kargu@ksu.kz, www: vestnik.ksu.kz
Conditions of placement of publications in the journal:
For publication in the journal “Bulletin of Karaganda University” we accept articles in Kazakh, Russian and English, containing the results of fundamental and applied research in the natural sciences and humanities.
We accept for publication only the materials corresponding to the profile of the scientific periodical. They should be relevant, new, have a scientific and practical significance.
The article, including bibliography, should not exceed 10 pages of text, typed on a computer (Microsoft Word editor), the minimum volumeof articles for the humanities is 6 pages, natural sciences – 4 pages. The editors need to be submitted an electronic version of the article in full compliance with the printed version. Articlepagesshouldbenumbered.
All abbreviations and acronyms, except obviously well-known, must be decoded at the first use in the text.
Presenting the work  for publication in the journal, the author guarantees the accuracy of all information about himself, avoiding plagiarism and other forms of  illegal   borrowing in manuscripts of the work, the proper execution of all borrowing of text, tables, charts, illustrations.
The first reference in the text to the literature should be numbered [1], and the second – [2], etc. With reference to the results from a book one indicates its number from the list of literature and (separated by semicolons) the page number on which the published result is. For example: [8; 325]. References to unpublished works are not allowed.
In an article, only those formulas should be numbered that are referenced in the text.
In tables, figures, formulas there should be no ambiguity in the notation symbols, signs. Drawings must be clear and pure. Tables and drawings in the text should be referenced.
Authors are advised to check carefully common spelling of materials, spelling of relevant terms and execution of the text and links before sending.
Always provide contact information (phone number, e-mail) of the author (or authors) for feedback.
Articles have to meet the following requirements.
Fields of the manuscript should be: top and bottom – 25 mm, left and right – 20 mm; font – Times New Roman, size – 11 pt; line spacing – single; alignment – in width; indention – 0.8 cm.
Foreign literature is issued by the same rules.
E-mail of the editorial board: vestnick_kargu@ksu.kz
E-mail address of Karaganda State University Publishing: izd_kargu@mail.ru
Scientific editor of the “History.Philosophy” seriesisBayzholIskakovichKaripbaev, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professor, 8 701 622 2480
Executive secretary  of the “History.Philosophy” seriesis SerikBerdibaevichStambulov, PhD,          8 778 6760281
Executive secretary  of  “Bulletin of  Buketov Karaganda State University” is Galina YusupovnaAmanbaeva, Doctor of Philological Sciences, 8 701 1740554