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Biology, medicine, geography

In accordance with the requirements to scientific journals included in the “list of the editions, recommended for publication of the results of scientific activity” each number of line “Biology, medicine, geography,”formed adhering to the magazine publishing policy, especially in the publication of scientific articles on actual problems of biology, ecology, medicine, geography, biotechnology, in both fundamental and applied areas.
The editorial staff of the line”Biology, medicine, geography,” defined the basis for the further development of an independent scientific direction.So, for a long period of time editors change the structure and thematic focus of a line”Biology, medicine and geography.”The line has been undergoing significant change – from the fragmented supply of scientific information, to alterations of the models, mechanisms and supply of published material,creating special editions devoted to a single topical direction corresponding to modern requirements in design of scientific studies.
The  editorial collegium staff of the line corresponds to the biological, medical and geographical research areas. The editorial collegium staff consists of famous scientists:
Konert K.-D. (Germany) -Doctor of Medicine, PhD, director of the Diabetes Institute of Experimental Endocrinologydepartment “Gerhardt Kutch» Faculty of Medicine at the University of Greifswald. Scientific direction: the practice of the treatment of diabetes and metabolic disorders.He has 180 scientific papers onpancreatic islets studies, complications of diabetes, metabolic control in diabetes type 1 and 2; 8 Text Books Contributions. Hirsch index – 33.
Surzhikov D.V(Russia) – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Applied hygiene research Research Institute for Integrated Problems of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases of the RAMS, Novokuznetsk.He has more than 200 scientific papers, including international publications of Scopus, Index network.Led the research on risk assessment to human health; he is a member of the Dissertation Council for doctoral dissertations at the Institute KPGPZ SB RAMS, for his contribution to medical science was awarded an honorary diploma SB. Hirsch index -12.
Meiramov G.G (Kazakhstan) – Doctor of Medicine, Professor ofZoology Department of theE.A Buketov University. Author of over than 100 scientific publications, including the journals belonging to database Scopus, Thomson Reuters, Web of Science.Scientific direction: the study of the mechanisms of development and the prevention of diabetes, caused by chemical complexing compound, including those,which formed in the human body.Hirsch index -10.
Mukasheva M.A (Kazakstan) – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Physiology, theE.A Buketov University.Corresponding Member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. Author of more than 160 (including 2 patents of RK, 3 methodical instructions, 17 methodical recommendations, 6 copyright certificates).Hirsch index -3.
Oganesyan R.G (USA) – Dr. PhD in biotechnology, Head of cloning group the gene therapy program School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.He has more than 100 scientific articles, including publications in top journals («Molecular and Cellular Biology», «Physiological Genomic», «Nucleic Acid Research» et al., Deals with the problems of oncology and gene therapy, project leader for the production of new vaccines based on adenoviruses together with pharmaceutical company «Pfizer».Hirsch index -2.
Khanturin M.R (Kazakhstan) – Doctor of Biological Sciences of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Biological Sciences of the Russian Federation, Professor of Physiology Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Professor of the International Management Department and Engineering in the field of environmental protection ENU. L.NGumilev.He has more than 100 scientific papers on areas of ecology, environmental protection, comparative and ecological human and animal physiology, ecotoxicology.Hirsch index -2.
Nadirov Sh.M. (Kazakhstan) – Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor of the Geography Department, land planning and Cadastre Kazakh National University named Al Farabi. Author of more than 50 scientific works: the spatial development of the territory, geopolitics and economic problems. Hirsch index -2.
Panin M.S (Kazakhstan) – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Professor of chemistry and geography GU Shakarim Semey city.He has more than 200 scientific papers on areas of ecology, biogeochemistry, environmental chemistry, ecological and biogeochemical assessment of natural and of technogenic landscapes of the Semipalatinsk Irtysh area.Hirsch index -1.
Konkabaeva A.E (Kazakhstan) – Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Physiology Department of the E.A Buketov University. She has more than 80 scientific works: human and animal physiology, physiological adaptation, ecophysiology.Hirsch index -1.
Articles submitted for publication in the line “Biology, medicine, geography,” pass scientific review by independent experts, who are not members of the editorial staff.Reviewers of line “Biology, medicine, geography,” compliance the form of article expertise carry out analysis of scientific material and the depth of projects research based on scientific base, where investigations were conducted.Particular attention is paid to complex long-term plans with the use of data already obtained from promising research projects; proposals for improving the methodological approach considered an algorithm for obtaining submitted to the publication of research results, which is considered to be in the first place.Reviewers evaluate the contribution of the authors in the natural sciences database, determine the accuracy of the statistics.Line “Biology, medicine, geography,” pays much attention to standards development issues and new information technologies in the environmental assessment.
The editorial board of the scientific publication line “Biology, medicine, geography,” strictly follows the principle of informational transparency.

Scientific Editor

line “Biology, medicine, geography ‘
Doctor of Biological Science, Professor
Mukasheva M.A

Executive Secretary

line “Biology, medicine, geography ‘
Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
Zhuzbayeva G. O.