About series «LAW»

Editorial policy of “Law” series

Articles of the journal “Vestnik of the Karaganda University. “Law” Series” is available to everyone as a free open access to research results, it helps to increase public knowledge.
Journal” Vestnik of the Karaganda University. Series “Law” is registered by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The registration certificate № 13108-F  23.10.2012
Order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 27.12.2012 №1735, the Journal “Vestnik of the Karaganda University. “Law” series included in the list of publications, recommended for publication of basic scientific results.

Thematic direction

The scientific works are published in Kazakh, Russian and English languages ​​on actual problems of fundamental and applied research in the field of legal science in every issue of the series “Law”:
• Theory and History of State and Law,
• The history of political and legal doctrines,
• International public and private law,
• Comparative Law,
• Constitutional law,
• Administrative Law and Public Administration,
• Civil law
• Civil Procedure,
• labor law,
• Environmental Law,
• Criminal Law and Criminology,
• criminal proceedings
• forensics,
• problems of other branches of law,
Frequency of scientific publications are- 1 time per quarter, four times a year. Timeliness of output of scientific publications is observed.
The editorial board consists of the authoritative domestic legal scholars with  high citation and leading foreign scientists.




Editorial Council

Head Editor– Kubeev Erkin Kinoyatovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Academician IHEAS
Series Editor – Kozhahmetov Galym Zeynekenovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Karaganda State University named after academician E.A. Buketov
Executive secretary – Ilyasova Gulzhazira Aktureevna – Candidate of Juridical Sciences, professor of civil and labor law department

Members of the editorial board:
1. Starodubtsev Gregory Serafimovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Peoples Friendship University of Russia (Russia)
2. Belova-Ganeva Gabriela Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, South-West University Neofit Rilski (Bulgaria)
3. Complak Christian, Doctor of Law, Professor, University of Wroclaw (Poland)
4. Balashenko Sergei Alexandrovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Belarusian State University (Belarus)
5. Marcus Augusto Maliska, Doctor of Law, Professor, University «UniBrasil» Grupo Educacional (Brazil)
6. Steven Barnes, Doctor of Law, Professor, State University of Pennsylvania (USA)
7. Chankova Dobrinka, Doctor of Law, Professor, South-West University Neofit Rilski (Bulgaria)
8. Rashad Mammadov Yusifoghlu, Dr. PhD, Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic (Azerbaijan)
9. Busurmanov Jumabek Dyuseshevich, Doctor of Law, Professor, University of Eurasian National University
10. Amandykova Saule Koshkenovna Doctor of Law, Professor, University of Eurasian National University
11. Moroz Svetlana Pavlovna, Doctor of Law, Professor, Caspian University, Almaty
12. Sarsembayev Marat Aldangorovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, member of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan
13. Kopabaev Omirali Kazhybaevich, Doctor of Law, Professor, University of Humanities and Law of Transport  DA Konaeva
14. Zhirenchin Kazbek Abusagitovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Kazakh Humanitarian Law University
15. Nurgaliyev Bakhyt Moldatyaevich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Academy “Bolashak”
16. Bakishev Kairat Alihanovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Karaganda Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after B.Beysenova
17. Borchashvili Isidor Shamilovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Department of strategic planning and organizational – analytical work of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan
18. Kaudyrov Tolesh Yerdenovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, Kazakh Humanitarian Law University


Publishing ethics and requirements to authors

Submitted materials should meet the following requirements:
1. The scientific article should contain the results of original research in the field of state and law, previously unpublished and is not intended for publication elsewhere. The author is obliged to inform the editorial board when submitting articles and other materials – whether they were published or presented in other publications. Republication previously published material in another publication or in our magazine is not permitted.
2. Scientific article should include independent and original conclusions and proposals, specific results of research work of the author on the subject of the article.
3. The number of co-authors should not exceed two people.
Edition strictly adheres to the norms and rules of publication ethics.
Edition evaluates submitted work for their intellectual content. Editors must not disclose information about the submitted manuscript to anyone else, except for the author, reviewer and editor.
Authors should:
– Adhere to generally accepted standards of scientific publications.
– To submit original works, which is not plagiarism and has not been published previously. Republishing previously published material in another publication or in our magazine is not permitted.
– Fulfill the requirements of the publishers that work should not also be offered to publish more than one publication, and must inform the editor in case of failure of the review of their work.
– Submit for the publication of research results that do not create a conflict of interest between states, nationalities and individuals.
– To present their findings clearly. Author is responsible for errors, inaccuracies of his scientific work. Authors should immediately notify  editor in error detection in any publication submitted by them.
– Comply with the requirements for registration of publications. Citations and references to other work must be accurate and carefully decorated.

Scientific works are reviewed by at least two independent scholars or experts on relevant topics, who are not members of the editorial board.
The articles are reviewed within 30 working days of receipt of the article in the Editor. The decision to publish an article in the journal is taken in the preparation of the positive reviews.
The Editorial Board has the right to reject the article that does not meet the requirements of the journal. The reason for rejecting the article may be its lack of relevance, lack of scientific novelty.
If the article is rejected, the editorial board reserves the right not to have a discussion based on the deviation. In the case of deviations of article, given article is not submitted for the second time for editorial board.
Applicants, undergraduates, doctoral students submit articles for consideration to the Editorial Board with the reviews of scientific supervisor.
Received materials are non-refundable.
Guidelines for authors on manuscript:
Editors asks the authors to be guided by the following rules.
Articles fulfilled without complying with these rules will not be accepted.
Paper volume, including bibliography, tables, should not exceed 10 pages, typed on computer (Microsoft Word editor), minimum volume of articles – 6 pages.  Publisher must submit an electronic version of article in accordance with listing. Article pages should be numbered.
Requirements to article
Fields of manuscript should be: top and bottom – 25 mm, left and right- 20 mm. Font – Times New Roman, size – 11 pt. Line spacing – single. Width alignment. Paragraph indents – 0.8 cm.
UDC is given in the upper left corner of article,
In the center are:
Title of article (bold writing) in Kazakh or Russian, English.
Surnames and initials of authors (e.g .: S.T. Asanov, S.B. Kassenov)
Full name of the institution, city. If  authors are from different institutions, the correspondence between the author and the institution is established superscripts, such as:

1S.T. Asanov, 2S.B. Kassenov
1Karagandinda State University named after academician EA Buketov;
 2Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, Almaty (E-mail:)

Abstract (8-10 lines) is placed before the text of the article in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, meeting the requirements of informativeness, meaningfulness and quality of translation. The abstract should not duplicate the introductory or conclusion of the article. Text abstracts should not contain references to the list of references, abbreviations, acronyms, obscure notation.
Keywords must be presented after the abstract, which may consist of individual words and phrases.
Next is the text of the article. list of references are in the end
References are also made in English.
Cited literature should be given in general list at the end of the article with an indication in the text links ordinal number, for example [1]. References given in the order mentioned in the article.
The first reference in the text to the literature should be numbered [1], the second – [2], etc. In reference the list of literature and (separated by semicolons) the page number is indicated. For example: [8, 325]. References to unpublished works are not permitted.
Complete bibliographic description of references and made  as follows:
For books: surname and initials of the authors. Title. – Place of publication: Publishing office, year of edition. – Number of pages.
For example:
1. Sapargaliyev G.S. Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Academic Course. Univ e 3rd, with additional. – Almaty, Zheti-Zhargy, 2014. – 544 p.
2. Nukusheva A.A. Legal forms of foreign participation in the activities of legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Monograph. – Karaganda: Bolashak-Baspa, 2008. – 223 p.
For journal articles: Surnames and initials of the authors. Title of the article // Title of publication. (Series). – The year of edition. – Tom. – Room. – Pages.
For example:
1. Shamshinurova S.M. Prospects for securing the legal status of the investigating judge // International scientific journal “Science and peace”. – 2014. – Volume 2. – №3 (7). – P.176-179.
2. Shambilova G.K. Legislation // Vestn. Karaganda University. Ser. Law. – 2010. – №2 (58). – P.17-20.
For conference materials, proceedings, legal acts, etc .: Surnames and initials of the authors. Title of the article // Title of edition: Publication type. – Location, year of edition. – Tom. – Room. – Pages.
For example:
1. Studenikina M.S. Actual problems of protection of the housing rights of minors in the Republic of Kazakhstan // “Constitutional and legal mechanisms to protect the rights of minors and their implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan”: Materials of the republican scientific-practical conference. – Karaganda LLP «Arch and K”, 2015. – P. 17-21.
2. Kalachyan K.K. The economic integration of the Commonwealth of Independent States against the backdrop of the globalization of the world economy: international legal problems: The dissertation on competition of Ph.D. – M., 2003. – 151 p.
3. Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family” of December 26, 2011 № 518-IV // http://adilet.zan.kz/rus/docs/K1100000518

Foreign literature is issued by the same rules.
Tables, figures, formulas should be no ambiguity in the notation symbols, signs. Drawings must be clear and pure. The figures in the text and tables should be referenced.
At the end of the article should be recorded: “article is published  first time” put date and signature of the author (s). Here is placed information about the author (s): name, surname, patronymic, email address, contact phone numbers.
Information about each of the authors includes the following information: Full name (in full), position, rank, scientific degree, place of work, city. Credits are given in English.
Contact information (phone, e-mail) of the author (or authors).


Contact Information:
E-mail the Editor – vestnick_kargu@ksu.kz
E-mail address of the University Publishing – izd_kargu@mail.ru
Executive Secretary of the series “Law”: Ilyasova Gulzhazira Aktureevna
Phone: 8 (7212) 77 03 91
Mob. tel .: 8 7013128907
E-mail: vestnik_pravo@mail.ru